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Bev and I so appreciate having these amazing photos!!!  We’ll be sure to check our mail for the hard copy of Colorado’s Best Kitchen magazine.  We will also be sure to share the photos with anyone even remotely interested in remodels.  You and Darrell did an AMAZING job on our home!  Also, once again…thank you so much for the welcome basket – we’re thoroughly enjoying the heck out of it!!   Wishing you all the best now and in the future!!


(Letter Attached to Buyer’s Offer – Dry Creek Place)

Dear Homeowners,

Our family got the chance to tour your home and almost instantly upon walking through the door it felt like home. There are 5 of us and your home provides the space and separation that we are seeking, and finishes won’t need a thing which will allow us to spend more time together.

We are thankful for considering our offer and the chance to continue to love your home far into the future.


Ben and Sarah Cohen

Hi Nancy,

Just wanted to say again what a pleasure it was to meet you and Mike. You made everything so wonderful and easy. Purchasing and selling can be a stressful time and we really felt we had none of this with the purchase of 326 E San Miguel.

Thank you for your wonderful gift. I’m sure Mitch will love it when he arrives home on Sunday afternoon. Pity he didn’t get to meet you. He loved how you blended 1920 with 2017 and kept the integrity of the home.

So pleased with increasing the size of the pavers in the back yard. Again thank you for taking care of that. Once less thing we had to worry about before we leave on July 5.

We wish you more successful flips in the future and hope that all your buyers are as happy as we are.

Kind regards,

Kaye and John
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Nanci, your package and sweet note arrived today. Martin and I were so touched by your kindness and thoughtfulness. The photos of my son and his journal are precious to me. I didn’t look for them because I thought he had them. It gives me great joy to know you felt cared for by the spirits on Dahlia street. I am sure they are delighted with all the love you put into the house. Martin and I have our dream home here in Reno. We are so grateful to you for the spirit with which you bought our house, allowing us to move on in peace. You are always welcome to visit us here. Thank you again for the effort and consideration you put into that package and for your beautiful note.

With love, Carol

Hi Nanci, I decided to put my words together too. Your gesture was really moving to both of us. Thank you. I’m sure the grand move project left a number of things unaccounted for. We search for odd items that we probably lost along the way. There’s a quilt and a large soup tureen and a box of toiletries…..all part of the mysteries of life. Yes, we love Reno and our house here. There are mountain desert trails that start across the street from our new place and we hike almost every day. We’re far enough out of the city to get the best of the mountains and close enough to get to a great restaurant in 15 minutes.

Martin A David

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